Combining our expertise in engineering, architecture and construction, ABG offers design-build services that bring accountability and continuity to our clients, resulting in faster completion, enhanced communication, better quality and lower costs. With a sole-source delivery process, we work directly with the owner from planning and estimating through construction. Because we’re involved in the construction process, our engineers and architects customize each component – from equipment and technology to finishes – and design with the user group in mind.
safety training
ABG is committed to maintaining a safety culture that reaches beyond the implementation of policies and procedures.  By creating an internal Health and Safety Program through which safety is encouraged and questions are answered, ABG has cultivated an interactive environment that empowers our employees and allows them to take part in the continuous improvement of our safety management program. Our commitment to health and safety does not end with our employees. Each project presents different challenges, and our Health and Safety Management Training is tailored to provide for the safety of your employees, sub-contractors, client personnel, and client customers, while conforming to local, state, and federal regulations.
Our estimates are developed by a team of engineers and construction professionals. Our engineers are there to “fill the gaps”, if there is something missing in the scope of work, they are there to find it. Our construction professionals identify any constructability concerns and develop a detailed schedule so that labor costs and GCs are as accurate as possible. In addition to an internally developed estimate based on historical price data, we utilize our subcontractor relationships to provide real world costs. Being in the construction industry ourselves, we can appreciate that accurate cost data for your budget is the difference in a successful project and a headache
construction management
Our construction management team has experience in design, value engineering, construction, project management, risk mitigation, and safety management. A deep understanding of the entire design and construction process allows our construction managers identify and mitigate risks, preventing issues and delays before they present themselves, saving you time and money.
project/program management
Regardless of size and scope of your project, our project management team understands that a key component to a successful project is effective communication between the client, the design and the construction team. By helping to foster a clear exchange, ADG’s project management team is responsible for the overall success of the project, always maintaining the highest quality, with budget and schedule in mind. You can be relax knowing that you are always informed with our Project Managers in the driver’s seat. With experience in all sectors of the market, our team understands how to navigate any issue to be sure the project flows smoothly and that your ultimate outcome is success.